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Drainers and Plumbers


Most people are familiar with what plumbers do and have had the experience of having a plumber dealing with issues in the home or business, but there is another personin the industry that is part of just about any new building, sub-division or large renovation project: the drainer or drainlayer.

A drainer has many responsibilities, the most common being the installation of sewage systems or septic tanks and the laying of stormwater drain pipes. Because sewage poses serious health risks if not properly dealt with, a drainer’s job is important to the environment and community.Drainers are subjected to many years of training in order to become fully qualified are expected to deliver work to a high standard that passes all required inspections. Because the work is so important it is a good idea to check that any drainer that is working on your property is certified or working under the supervision of a suitably certified person.

Plumbers and drainers often work together, the plumber doing the plumbing work inside the house and the drainer doing the underground pipework from the point where the pipes leave the building. It is not uncommon for a plumber to also be a qualified drainer and vice-versa, this is often beneficial to a customer as it saves the hassle of trying to coordinate a plumber and drainer separately.

A drainer is a multi-skilled individual who is often expected to perform tasks such as excavating, simple concreting and rendering, levelling and welding. You can often see drainers at work installing sewer and storm water drainage systems when new buildings are being built or when large renovations are being done.

Unblocking of drains in the home is not typically something a drainer is expected to do but if an outside drain is damaged and needs to repaired, moved or replaced then a licensed drainer would need to be called upon to do the job.

Another task a drainer is often called upon to do is the installation of septic tanks which are commonly used in rural buildings or in homes that are not connected to the main council sewerage system.

Now that you know all about what a top quality drainer can do for you, the next time that you are in need of a drainer give the team at 1300 164 064 a call, we are ready to offer you exceptional service.

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